lord of the wands
Lord of the Wands
This powerful wand is to be held initially with both hands, in order to feel its power.  Amethyst crystal has strong healing and cleansing powers and is extremely beneficial to the MIND – calming or stimulating as needed.  Clear Quartz crystal at the top absorbs, stores and releases energy.  Watch the power of Wolf – Wolf helps us to see who we are, find our own path, and follow it with integrity.

 width: 70 cm

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nourishing wand
Nourishing Wand (SOLD)
This beautiful wand is so needed in today’s world where there is a constant stream of demands and expectations to be fulfilled. Holding this wand right over your solar plexus, ask for nourishment right now – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Look at the bird at the top waiting to be fed – just like us each day!! Under the head of the bird is Sodalite crystal which instils a drive for the truth, making it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs.  The Peacock feathers remind us to reclaim our inner beauty by showing our true colours.

 width: 55 cm

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Self Acceptance Wand (SOLD)
Self Acceptance Wand (SOLD)
The Self Acceptance wand was created especially for a beautiful young lady in Tullamore called Lucy. ( You know who you are!) The description is personal and specific to her.
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Survival (SOLD)
Survival (SOLD)
I found this wonderful piece on the shores of the Blessington Lakes near Burgage Castle in March 2015. The lakes were really low at the time and this piece is part of a whole tree root system that had been submerged in water for God only knows how many years.  Very powerful as a symbol of survival.
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The East Wand
The East Wand
Great Eagle or Condor is the power animal of the East. Show us the mountains we only dare to dream of. This wand brings vision, clarity and foresight. Eagle perceives the entire panorama of life. The eyes of the Condor see into the past and the future, helping to know where we come from, and who we are becoming. Having a destiny means living to your fullest human potential. One can make oneself available to destiny, but it requires great courage. Otherwise, our destiny passes us, leaving us deprived of a fulfilment known by those who choose to take the road less travelled. The navy blue Sodalite Crystal unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception. Orange Carnelian Crystal grounds and anchors you in the present reality - it is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation. 55 CM
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The Power of Turquoise  (SOLD)
The Power of Turquoise (SOLD)
This wand brings enhanced communications and intuition.  Used wisely it will allow clear speech and empower the user to speak, write, paint or sing his or her truth. Your greatest gift to the world is your expression and creativity - it is the path to WHO you are.
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seahorse and the serpent
The Seahorse and the Serpent
The beautiful little Seahorse reminds you to be persistent in following what is important to you and at the same time to be mindful.  They are considered to be a symbol of great strength and their lesson to us is ‘be content with who you are’.  The Amethyst crystal helps us endorse more tranquil thoughts and deeper understanding.  Follow the cycles, patience and balance of the Serpent with the Smoky Quartz crystal as its tongue.  Tremendous assertive power of the snake along with the grounding and anchoring qualities of Smoky Quartz promotes clear insight, especially powerful in taking away thoughts of fear of failure.

 width: curved at 30 cm X 15 cm

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true north
True North Wand
Hold this wand with both hands, each hand holding the finger pointing to the earth.  Feel the energy of the Clear crystal as it points you in the direction of your true north.  What it is that makes you feel alive and happy.  Clear Quartz doubles your biomagnetic field and it raises energy to the highest possible level.

 width: Curved at 25 cm

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