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Ellas Wand (SOLD)


To heal is to make whole. Healing turns disease into ease. We embrace a larger sense of self. Ella you are such a gentle and sensitive young girl, so embrace the warm and unconditional love of the little Puppy in your wand. Dogs are a true best friend so you never feel alone, they know how to listen, commune quietly and sooth you through your woes. Play and have fun too!

Wrap your hand around The Gold Calcite Crystal as it rests in a soft orange nest. This will help give more energy, especially good when it comes to homework, afterall Ella, you are very determined and so very wise, and this crystal boosts memory.

Make this wand your own and awaken its powers by having your two feet firmly planted on the ground and by always staying real. Enjoy!

55 CM

Out of stock

SKU: 0017